Survey – Please Respond!

Everyone involved in the difficult decisions at HWFC is working with very limited information about what community members think.  The more we can find out, the better.  If you are involved with the HWFC community please take a few minutes to respond to this survey, and please share it with others.  More responses will mean better informed decisions.

Take the survey now!

PLEASE NOTE:  The first version of the survey above has been revised and replaced because some information presented in it was incorrect.  Specifically, relying on information from Board and Bylaws Task Force members who had been misinformed, the first survey assumed that the co-op’s Member Labor Program as it is implemented at present puts us at legal risk under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Our most current information is that this is not trueSee more details.

If you completed the first version of the survey, it is fine to also take this new version.  They will be analyzed separately, and when integrated, the question indicating who took both will be used to prevent counting responses twice.

Thank you for your participation!

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