HWFC info hub is intended to fill a need for uncensored communication among all members, shareholders, and employees of our co-op.  Unfortunately, the communication channels controlled by the co-op’s management are not accessible to all members of the community.  So this is…  what we wish the Coop Scoop could be, perhaps?


One thought on “About

  1. Ned Depew


    I left a post yesterday that is yet to appear here. Is there a problem? Please let me know. Meantime, I posted this on the facebook page, but thought I’d ask you to repost it here for those who may miss it on that site.

    I’m looking forward to this evening’s meeting. I think the amount of thought, energy and enthusiasm for the Co-op is wonderful. I hope we can all meet in that spirit.

    While I’m concerned – as I said before – at the “off with their heads” approach some seem to be taking, I’m happy to see such an abundance of great candidates for the Board.

    I also have respect for those who have already stepped up to serve on the Board. Although, as you know, I think this Board made some mistakes and some bad decisions, I believe many have learned from those mistakes, and are prepared to move forward in the direction the Membership indicates.

    I wouldn’t presume to suggest who people should vote for, retain or otherwise support. I trust the Owners to work respectfully, fairly and thoughtfully to do what is in the best interests of the Co-op.

    I’m just greatful for the infusion of energy this whole effort represents and for all those who have taken the plunge. It’s the spirit of working together that has been fading at the Co-op, and I’m so happy to see it so energetically revived. The Membership has the power – and with that power, the responsibility. I trust it will be well used. See you this afternoon.


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