GRASSROOTS ACTION IS POWERFUL!: Hidden ‘excitotoxin’ MSG aka ‘processed free glutamic acid.’


Posted by Laura Hagen, HWFC Member-Owner

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Happy Spring!!


Today, I have time for – uncharacteristic for GRASSROOTS ACTION IS POWERFUL!a brief post.

Yesterday, the Co-op Voice published another article of mine entitled, MSG and Deceptive Labeling: The Hidden Toxic Chemical in Your Family’s Food-Part 1. Please hop over and read it – it’s carefully researched – and all the other informative, useful and interesting articles from our own co-op community contained in the March edition of our co-op’s Voice. Part 2 will be published by the Co-op Voice in April, and Part 3 in May, so you’ll have to ‘hold yer horses’ on the information about MSG being used both in and on organically-labeled foods. (!!)

You can also see my September 15, 2016 blogpost about MSG: GRASSROOTS ACTION: “They Added WHAT To My Food?! No, dude!” No. 1: GMOs, MSG & Senomyx. In this post, I rolled out my brand new series They Added WHAT To My Food?! No Dude! and in it you’ll get a serious introduction to MSG – a hidden ‘flavor enhancer’ being added to processed foods – which many scientists, doctors and family food advocates feel is extremely harmful to our health – and a company named Senomyx, and its ever-expanding line of artificial flavors.

…just doin’ my small part to get and keep our organic food supply healthy, safe, nutrient-dense, delicious and local!

In a somewhat related story, Mike Adams, the ‘Health Ranger’ of Natural News, has been following the recently-announced ‘partnership’ of Hollywood actor Robert De Niro and environmental activist and attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who are working together to promote vaccine safety and reform. Yesterday, Natural News posted its story, ACTION: “National Call-In Day” announced for vaccine safety and reform: March 30th, asking families to call in to their elected representatives and the President on March 30, 2017, in a national push to raise awareness and promote vaccine safety and reform.

Robert De Niro made public last year that he has an adult son with autism and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has edited a book about vaccines, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury–a Known Neurotoxin–from Vaccines. Kennedy, a Democrat, was recently appointed by Republican President Donald Trump to chair a brand new vaccination safety commission.

More on this extremely interesting and important story in an upcoming post.

Truth in Labeling Campaign (the truth, the whole truth  and nothing but the truth about MSG) co-founder, Jack Samuels, wrote a June 2002 article entitled The Danger of MSG and How It Is Hidden In Vaccines. Sadly, Jack Samuels passed away in 2012 but his wife Adrienne continues the couple’s work at the non-profit Truth in Labeling Campaign. His article outlines some of the facts relating to the (hidden and often not-disclosed) MSG used in vaccines.

I saw no mention of MSG in any of the (notably scarce) national media articles and video clips about this particular vaccine issue and partnership. It will be interesting to see if MSG – that is, monosodium glutamate or ‘processed free glutamic acid’ – enters the national debate as being one of a number of chemicals used in vaccines of which families are unaware and about which they continue to remain in the dark.

Parents are being urged to do their own research into this issue and stay fully informed as advocates for their children. I would heartily agree …and the same goes for any and all adults, as well!

This post is dedicated to a person dear to my life, “C,” who has an adult son with autism.

© Laura Hagen


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