GRASSROOTS ACTION: Membership Budget Meeting Tonight! Vote YES to APPROVE.


Posted by Laura Hagen, HWFC Member-Owner.

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YIKES! I meant to post this yesterday and got heavily involved in my garden and planting! So, here is a last minute reminder!

Come to the quarterly Membership Meeting – and Annual Budget Vote – of the Honest Weight Food Co-op tonight, Monday, June 27, 2016 at FUUSA, First Unitarian Church, 405 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY: dessert potluck at 5:30pm, Membership Meeting from 6:00-8:30pm. (Member-Owners, see Meeting Announcement and Budget Presentation.)

Please print the Budget Presentation Sheets and READ THEM!!! and bring them with you. And please also read this excellent summary by Jessica Rae, entitled Approve the Budget on June 27th!

Don’t read my most recent blogpost, GRASSROOTS ACTION: HWFC Forewarned – Reducing Overhead Critical, here …because you will still be reading an hour later. Skip down to the bottom, to this heading, and read:


Long story short? No, we are not “out of the woods.” After attending one of the excellent Budget Presentations this week, by our acting GM, Jim Guzewich, I plan to vote YES on reducing the weekly Member-Owner & employee benefit/discount of 24% down to 20% (it does not at all make me happy; it is, however, necessary).

I also plan to vote YES on the budget. Our Board, our Treasurer, our Finance Committee and our Acting GM and all his staff all did an excellent job preparing it!

See you tonight at the Dessert Potluck at 5:30PM at FUUSA! (not St. Sophia‘s this time!)


4 thoughts on “GRASSROOTS ACTION: Membership Budget Meeting Tonight! Vote YES to APPROVE.

  1. Susan Longtin

    Hi, Laura. I am of two opinions about the discount. On the one hand, I, too, saw Jim’s excellent presentation. We need money to move forward and there isn’t any. The fact that we should never have bought the building when we did is a moot point now. We got it and we need to pay for it. On the other hand is my gut and my emotions (and my experience!): How many times over the years have “they” told us the same thing and we had our discount lowered never to be replaced? And I don’t mean just over the last few years. I’ve been battling in my head over the last few weeks and I still don’t know what I’ll do. First I decide one thing, then the other. Sigh.


    1. Laura

      Hey Sue,

      Yes, remember when we working Member-Owners had, was it a 36% discount off the retail price, AND we could purchase bulk & pre-ordered items (like vitamins) at 10% above wholesale.

      IMHO, we need to get back to those policies – go in that direction! Make us stronger as a food *co-operative* which exists to serve its Members.

      We are a food co-operative, NOT a supermarket. We are Owners, not customers and shoppers simply out for the best weekly sales.

      Sue, we weekly Member-Owners took a hit, no doubt about it: it will now be harder for some of our Members who are on fixed incomes: some seniors, people with disabilities, people on SSI, single parents, and so on.

      It’s gonna be up to us – the Member-Owners – to make sure that 4% is re-instated next July 1. Keep our eyes on that prize.

      It is my sense that the Member-Owners will NOT vote for a second cut to our benefits as weekly Member-Owner workers. So, pay close attention to the quarterly budget numbers as they come out.


  2. Susan Longtin

    And please do write more about the topic “My food comes from where, Oh There” and wherever you were going with that. I find it fascinating.


  3. Laura

    Hi Sue,

    Such a loyal reader! Yes, I will come back – now ‘n agin – to My Food Comes From WHERE?! Oh, there! and its “sister topic-in-arms,” They Added WHAT To My Food?! No, dude! Thank you! Next topic: The Cornucopia Institute will introduce you to to Dr. Phillip H. Howard and his fantastic “infographic” about the organic food industry (just who owns what).

    It is fascinating and sometimes alarming to find out about our food supply, isn’t it?

    But, I also plan to write about regional organic & Farmers’ Pride farm’s, farmers and their families who are part of the many small family farms which are increasing here in the NE. Those families are my heroes! And we all need to support them with our food dollars and food budgets as much as we can!


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