GRASSROOTS ACTION and Final Vote Tallies ARE IN!

Posted by Laura Hagen, HWFC Member-Owner

UPDATE! April 27, 2016. Please see the update to the story about Bloomingfoods Co-op in Indiana, here. Look at the top of the page and in the “Comments” section, below the post.

Here are the final official vote tallies for the two candidates whose total ballots were each subject to a recount:

Ned Depew                         197
Anastasia Onorata           195

Ned Depew was elected to this Board seat by two (2) votes.
Thank you very much to Anastasia for running for the Board!

And thank you to Collin Thomas and Howard Brent, as well!

Here are the percentages of voters who voted for each candidate:

NAME:                            % OF VOTERS:
Tim Corrigan                           81.9
Carolynn Presser                   80.2
Kate Doyle                               76.8
Saul Rigberg                            75.1
Richard Donegan                  63.6
Rebekah Rice                         60.7
Ned Depew                              55.6

This candidate was not elected to the Board:
Anastasia Onorata               55.1

Neither of these candidates received the required 25% plurality of the vote:

Collin Fox Thomas                21.8
Howard Brent                         21.2

For the 620 of us who voted at our emergency Special Membership Meeting (SMM) on November 30, 2015, two of the three candidates we voted for – Kate Doyle and Carolynn Presser – won this election and are among the candidates who received the highest support from voters on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

The third Board member whom we elected at our SMM, Nate Horwitz (who was not up  for election this time ’round) is currently seated as our Board President.

Saul Rigberg, who was appointed to the Board on March 1, 2016, and was chosen by Nate, Carolynn and Kate (as well as by Board members Daniel Morrissey and Ned Depew), was also among the candidates who received the highest support from voters on April 17, 2016.

Carolynn and Kate originally ran on a platform which strongly supported our Member-Owner Labor Program (MLP) & issues of Member-Owners of this co-operative, as well as transparency in co-op governance. The high level of support these two candidates, and Saul – their choice for a team member – received from HWFC Member-Owner voters on April 17, 2016, demonstrates Membership’s trust in and support of their positions as leaders of our co-operative.

Tim Corrigan and Rebekah Rice also ran for the Board at our SMM on November 30, 2015. It is heartening that they both chose to run again 4 1/2 months later – and won!

Richard Donegan is a new Board member and we welcome him to our Board of Directors and look forward to getting to know him!

Welcome and congratulations to the full slate and new Board of Directors of the Honest Weight Food Co-op:

Nate Horwitz, Daniel Morrissey, Carolynn Presser, Kate Doyle, Saul Rigberg, Tim Corrigan, Richard Donegan,  Rebekah Rice and Ned Depew

 FYI, below are the official election results from this week’s Inside Scoop:


354 valid votes were cast, so 88 votes equals a 25% plurality.

Tim Corrigan                        290
Carolynn Presser                  284
Kate Doyle                             272
Saul Rigberg                          266
Richard Donegan                  225
Rebekah Rice                         215

Anastasia Onorata                Subject to recount
Ned Depew                            Subject to recount

Neither of these candidates received a 25% plurality of the vote.

Collin Fox Thomas                 77
Howard Brent                        75



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