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NEW as of 4/19/16: Here is a list of upcoming HWFC meetings and here is the URL to copy:

HOT OFF THE PRESS: See Tim O’Brien’s post, Six Win Seats on Honest Weight Food Co-op Board, in the Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Times Union. Thank you Tim for staying on this story! Please take a minute to thank Tim! by e-mail at or phone at (518) 454-5092. We grassroots families here at HWFC are darned lucky to have a reporter of Tim’s caliber who’s following our advocacy efforts to defend our food co-operative and keep it strong and locally-controlled!

Don’t believe me? Do a search over at the TU on “Tim O’Brien” and “Honest Weight Food Co-op” – here – and follow the story through his eyes, since October 16, 2015.

Today’s post will be short and sweet (an unusual occurrence around here). The ELECTION RESULTS from last night are in and they are official (skip this intro and scroll below, if you just can’t wait!!!)

Welcome to my new HWFC Member-Owner readers, many of whom just found out last night I’ve been doing a blog here, GRASSROOTS ACTIONS ARE IMPORTANT!, since November 1, 2015, about matters of interest to Member-Owners of HWFC. From a Grassroots perspective, that is!

Enjoy reading past posts by putting the term grassroots in the search box. And please read all the posts in my Election Series this week: yesterday’s GRASSROOTS ACTION and Large Voter Turnout Tomorrow WILL SAVE OUR CO-OP., the partner to today’s post, GRASSROOTS ACTION and Election Results SAVED OUR CO-OP! (Yesterday’s post was, I believe, the most read post, to date.)

Additional Election Series posts are: GRASSROOTS ACTION AND Meet the Candidates ARE IMPORTANT!; GRASSROOTS ACTION AND Voting on Sunday ARE IMPORTANT!; the popular GRASSROOTS ACTION Can Stop Skunkworks! (Check out the Reader Comments); and, finally, GRASSROOTS ACTION AND Current Board Accomplishments ARE POWERFUL!

With six posts in ten days, some involving significant research …I’m taking a break!

Here are the HWFC Annual Election results, directly from the Inside Scoop:



The three members of the Ad Hoc Election Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors of Honest Weight Food Co-op to conduct the Election of Board Members at the April 17, 2016 Membership Meeting, certified the votes cast at the meeting, and the results for six seats follows. The votes for the seventh seat were too close to call, and the Ad Hoc Election Committee will conduct a recount for the seventh seat and will certify the results Tuesday night.

354 valid votes were cast, so 88 votes equals a 25% plurality.

Tim Corrigan                        290
Carolynn Presser                  284
Kate Doyle                             272
Saul Rigberg                          266
Richard Donegan                  225
Rebekah Rice                         215

Anastasia Onorata                Subject to recount
Ned Depew                            Subject to recount

Neither of these candidates received a 25% plurality of the vote.

Collin Fox Thomas                 77
Howard Brent                        75

Thank you all for participating in this election. The contribution of your time and energy is what makes Honest Weight the outstanding co-op it is.

Nate Horwitz, Daniel Morrissey, for the Board
Rita Nolan, Sandy MacKay, and Janet Sorell, Ad Hoc Election Committee


Congratulations to our winners and a sincere thank you to all ten (10) candidates.

Everybody who showed up last night – you, we were awesome!

Democracy in action! We were all – again – part of an HWFC Membership Meeting which was extremely well attended (there were more than 500 of us in attendance)!

Go refresh your memory if you have forgotten our historic emergency Special Membership Meeting on November 30, 2015 and those election results.

Thank you to the Nominations Committee and the Ad Hoc Election Committee for developing and keeping to a process which we trust. Special thanks to Rita Nolan!

Thank you to the Membership Committee for all your hard work in preparing for our meeting last night, getting us parked safely, signing in the voters, room set up, and helping with room clean up afterwards.

Thank you to Jessica for taking notes.

Thank you to the GRC for on-site support.

Thank you to Paul Rosenberg and Bob Henshaw for providing the sound system and audio support.

Thank you to Nate and Daniel for moderating and representing our Board, and thank you to Nate for taking time away from a really important family commitment this weekend so that you could attend our Membership Meeting!

Thank you to everybody for the wonderful desserts and snacks.

Please, if I have forgotten anybody, let me know!

Last but not least, thank you to all ten (10) of our candidates for the time, energy and commitment you gave to our co-operative in making a run for the Board. We had an incredible slate of candidates this time ’round and it is a testament to the renewed & hopeful energy at our co-op that we had ten (10) candidates to fill only seven (7) seats!

Abundance! Commitment! Talent! Transparency! Team mind! Extra amounts of good energy!

Now that’s a co-op we can all be proud to be a part of!

The breathe of fresh air which greeted us last night when we got home from the elections – the windows were all open and cool, sweet, spring air greeted us – is a harbinger of the breath of fresh air which greets us all with these HWFC Board election results this morning!

Post me a note, below, with your reflections about the elections. And, see you next blogpost!


The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.

John Philpot Curran


6 thoughts on “GRASSROOTS ACTION and Election Results SAVED OUR CO-OP!

  1. Susan Longtin

    Great, Laura. Thanks, as always.
    We done good last night. And there was no contentious behavior and no “sneaky stuff.” I get the feeling that everyone is committed to our good, real good, and transparency. And I don’t mean “good as I see it and you might not agree at all,” I mean good for the members, staff and everyone.


  2. You deserve a lot of credit Laura, for all your research and time. You brought a lot of us to that meeting last night. That wonderful wonderful event which ushered in a return to the reasons I have loved this coop for the 17 years I’ve been in Albany. Now to set the example of a coop that survived the corporate forces that tried to overthrow the members, and bring a lot of the country’s similarly situated coops along with us. Democracy in Action! I love it. Readers: Please be sure to vote in the Primary election tomorrow, and be sure to vote for your candidate’s whole delegate line! Another victory and I think I shall faint with happiness!!!


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