Don’t we already have a newsletter?

Don’t we already have a newsletter?

The latest Inside Scoop mentioned that there’s a new membership newsletter coming out soon. Did you notice? Were you confused??

“Wait!” you might have said to yourself. “Don’t we already have a newsletter- the Coop Scoop?”

Well, we do- the Coop Scoop is a very nice publication with a long, proud history at Honest Weight. The current iteration of the Scoop is as a quarterly marketing tool for the Co-op, directed and produced by staff.The Coop Scoop used to be a membership newsletter, and though it often includes terrific articles by members, it now serves an entirely different function than being a platform for the voice of the membership.

Enter…the online monthly Co-op Voice!

Managed and edited by members, written by all facets of the Co-op community, and addressing a multitude of issues and interests, the Co-op Voice has been given provisional approval by the Board. As long as you have opted to receive emailed Co-op Member News, you will see the Co-op Voice in your email inboxes in a few short weeks.  (If you’re not sure you’ve opted in, you can go to the Co-op service desk and ask for the opt-in form.)

The Co-op Voice needs YOUR voice! Founding editors Carol Ostrow, Cara Benson and Paula Weiss are seeking Letters to the Editors and ideas for articles now. They’re also seeking a member or two interested in earning member hours by managing Voice advertising.

We’d love to hear from you! Please email, with “Co-op Voice” in the subject line.

Paula Weiss

Weekly Courtesy Clerk

Co-Editor, Co-op Voice


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