What a wonderful vibe at the Coop!

Dear Honest Weight members: I am working a few hours a month doing member labor in Grocery. Since the big Member meeting and Board upset, I’m noticing the vast array of sales, more than I’ve ever seen before, and the happy smiling faces of people working in both member labor and paid positions. Maybe I’m just being hopeful, but the big new store finally is starting to feel just a little more like the old store on Central Ave. I remember how down everyone seemed once the edict went out from our previous Board to end member labor. The Coop seemed so sad. Now it feels to me like we are jumping for joy. Thanks to those of you who lobbied for our new Board members, and thanks to you who will be running (hopefully again) for the new Board seats in the upcoming election. And thanks to you who are on our new Board, making good decisions, and keeping Honest Weight Food Coop honest!

Jules Harrell


4 thoughts on “What a wonderful vibe at the Coop!

  1. Chris Colarusso

    Thanks for you comment Jules. I also see a change in energy in the store among and between members since the November 30 Member Meeting. The new Board has taken courageous and thoughtful steps to take the Coop in a much more secure direction. I am sure the work ahead of us is also going to call on all of us to work together. The many divisions that were revealed in the Fall made many feel polarized. The common purpose that created the Coop is the same purpose that could bring us all to a stronger understanding of one another. I sure hope that is what will emerge if we continue the work we have taken on.

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  2. Susan Longtin

    Actually, when we moved from Quail to Central Ave., I used that same sort of analogy but in the other direction- it didn’t feel good at all. I was told that the “emotions” would catch up but they never did, as far as I’m concerned. Now, we can’t go back to those days, but I’m really glad that some of the feelings are there! Thanks, everybody.


    1. Yes, the move to the new store on Central was interesting to say the least. I joined the Board soon thereafter. They had just hired a manager who was unbelievably awful. Getting rid of him, analyzing the books, and saving what was left of our devoted store managers was my first priority as a Board member.

      Now that we are in the big store, with Nate at the helm, I feel confident about the Coop’s future. After 22 years with Honest Weight, the vibe is ingrained upon me. We have a good vibe now. No one can go backwards in this lifetime anyway. Let’s go forward together again 🙂



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