Don’t we already have a newsletter?

Don’t we already have a newsletter?

The latest Inside Scoop mentioned that there’s a new membership newsletter coming out soon. Did you notice? Were you confused??

“Wait!” you might have said to yourself. “Don’t we already have a newsletter- the Coop Scoop?”

Well, we do- the Coop Scoop is a very nice publication with a long, proud history at Honest Weight. The current iteration of the Scoop is as a quarterly marketing tool for the Co-op, directed and produced by staff.The Coop Scoop used to be a membership newsletter, and though it often includes terrific articles by members, it now serves an entirely different function than being a platform for the voice of the membership.

Enter…the online monthly Co-op Voice!

Managed and edited by members, written by all facets of the Co-op community, and addressing a multitude of issues and interests, the Co-op Voice has been given provisional approval by the Board. As long as you have opted to receive emailed Co-op Member News, you will see the Co-op Voice in your email inboxes in a few short weeks.  (If you’re not sure you’ve opted in, you can go to the Co-op service desk and ask for the opt-in form.)

The Co-op Voice needs YOUR voice! Founding editors Carol Ostrow, Cara Benson and Paula Weiss are seeking Letters to the Editors and ideas for articles now. They’re also seeking a member or two interested in earning member hours by managing Voice advertising.

We’d love to hear from you! Please email, with “Co-op Voice” in the subject line.

Paula Weiss

Weekly Courtesy Clerk

Co-Editor, Co-op Voice

What a wonderful vibe at the Coop!

Dear Honest Weight members: I am working a few hours a month doing member labor in Grocery. Since the big Member meeting and Board upset, I’m noticing the vast array of sales, more than I’ve ever seen before, and the happy smiling faces of people working in both member labor and paid positions. Maybe I’m just being hopeful, but the big new store finally is starting to feel just a little more like the old store on Central Ave. I remember how down everyone seemed once the edict went out from our previous Board to end member labor. The Coop seemed so sad. Now it feels to me like we are jumping for joy. Thanks to those of you who lobbied for our new Board members, and thanks to you who will be running (hopefully again) for the new Board seats in the upcoming election. And thanks to you who are on our new Board, making good decisions, and keeping Honest Weight Food Coop honest!

Jules Harrell