Statements from Board members

Rossana Coto-Batres, recently resigned member of the HWFC Board, asked that the resignation letter be published here that was co-signed by herself, Deb Dennis, Leif Hartmark, and Roman Kuchera.  It’s here:

Resignation Letter

Another statement has been published in response to the resignations by current Board member Ned Depew.  You can read that here:


3 thoughts on “Statements from Board members

  1. ronhelf

    She came again. She left a proclamation again. She is unlikely to engage in a conversation with us proles. And I suspect she feels she is a victim of the Ides of December.


  2. Leslie

    Thank you, Ned for addressing the statements in the resignation letter, and for being part of the process that is needed for the Coop to heal.


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