GRASSROOTS Resting, Meditating & Singing ARE JOYOUS!

Posted by Laura Hagen, HWFC Member-Owner

Here are today’s Grassroots-Grows-Capacity Action Steps:

  1. Today there are no action steps. Rest.


For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve! Happy cooking, wrapping, decorating and preparing!

Happy Holidays! Happy Solstice! Happy Kwanza! Merry 12 Days of Christmas just about to arrive on the doorstep! Joyous preparing for New Year’s Eve! Blessings to your family and friends.


Here is some very interesting information for members of our greater community. Paul Rosenberg first alerted us to this information. Paul has, for many years, kept the HWFC community bulletin boards clutter free, organized and up-to-date (thank you, Paul!) He found this information on our bulletin board and passed it along. It is from the Albany Peace Project:

“Be a part of an historic opportunity to “vote with your heart” and have it count!!!

Join thousands who will envision local peace for 15 minutes each day in January. SUNY Professor Karin Reinhold will review Albany crime statistics to determine if our peaceful intentions made a real local impact.

  • Enter your name and email in the box to the right to start participating from home!
  • You will receive video updates regarding the progress of the study, meeting opportunities, and free meditations and interviews with local leaders in the greater Albany area each day in January.
  • Meditations are designed to lead your body into a defined state of peace and clarity referred to as Coherence.  No matter how difficult your life is, you can always move into a peaceful coherent state and the Albany Peace Project will show you how!
  • Watch how your life transforms during the month of January as you enjoy greater personal peace and also satisfaction for being part of the solution to help others.
  • Prior research suggests that more people involved is correlated with greater impact.
  • If you feel passionate about this research please encourage your friends and family to participate!

Have Questions? Go here. Let’s bring peace to our own local hometowns.

So sing your songs well and sing your songs sweetly…

Here, again, are some utterly wonderful songs sung by our own Nowell Sing We Clear’s John  Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig and Andy Davis. And here is where you can buy their CDs. Support local musicians, we sure do need ’em, don’t we, especially in times of celebration! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Green Grow the Rushes, O!
Lord of the Dance!
The Rag Dance

…and swear that your singing it never shall cease!

You’ve had more than a week to practice and learn John Kirkpatrick’s Chariots! aka The Carol of the Alliteration. Just in case you forgot the words they are here, and below. Join John, Tony, Fred and Andy from their Old Songs Nowell Sing We Clear concert in Altamont, NY in 2012.

But first…

…………..your music assignment.

You remember the choir director’s instructions? First, go grab some hot chocolate or mead and warm up those vocal cords!

And, now you’re going to create your own verse! Right now! Get to it! Mind the music! Listen to the lyrics! Access alliteration. Dive into the dictionary! Rhyme with rhythm. Salute synonyms! Pen your own poetry!

Got the gist?

(This is a very special message for Carolynn and David’s two kids, who are loyal readers! …this is your very own special music assignment for the week! Hints: it’s in 6/8, every line has 2 measures, the first downbeat is on the word “sing,” “So” is a pick-up.)

Here’s mine. Everybody, anybody, let’s hear yours! Post your ideas below:

So, sing in the shower and chime with the children
and bellow while baking, in harmony hum;
Sing with old Santa who’s singing in his sleigh,
his reindeer all restless and ready to run.
Now, work your own words, with wit and with wisdom,
Please ply your own poetry, paper, pen, play;
Christmas is cheerful – away with anxiety!
St. Nick is smiling and singing today!

So, here is Nowell Sing We Clear’s John  Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig and Andy Davis, singing:

O Shepherd O shepherd come leave off your piping
Come listen come learn come hear what I say
For now is the time that has long been forespoken
For now is the time there’ll be new tunes to play
For soon there comes one who brings a new music
Of sweetness and clarity none can compare
So open your heart for heavenly harmony
Here on this hill will be filling the air
With chariots of cherubim chanting
And seraphim singing hosanna
And a choir of archangels a-caroling come
Hallelujah Hallelu
All the angels a-trumpeting glory
In praise of the Prince of Peace

See on yon stable the starlight is shimmering
And glimmering and glistening and glowing with glee
In Bethlehem blest this baby of bliss will be
Born here before you as bold as can be
And you’ll be the first to hear the new symphony
Songs full of gladness and glory and light
So learn your tunes well and play your pipes proudly
For the Prince of Paradise plays here tonight

Bring your sheep bleating to this happy meeting
To hear how the lamb with the lion shall lie
It’s mooing and braying you’ll hear the song saying
The humble and lowly will be the most high
Let the horn of the herdsman be heard up in heaven
For the gates are flung open for all who come near
And the simplest of souls shall sing to infinity
Lift up and listen and you shall hear

The warmonger’s charger will thunder for freedom
The gun-maker’s furnace will dwindle and die
And muskets and sabers and swords shall be sundered
Surrendered to the sound that is sweeping the sky
And the shoes of the mighty shall dance to new measures
And the jackboots of generals shall jangle no more
As sister and brother and father and mother
Agree with each other the end to all war

As a candle can conquer the demons of darkness
As a flame can keep frost from the deepest of cold
So a song can give hope in the depths of all danger
And a line of pure melody soar in your soul
So sing your songs well and sing your songs sweetly
And swear that your singing it never shall cease
So the clatter of battle and drums of disaster
Be drowned in the sound of the pipes of peace


O my goodness, that was fun! Glorious! Peace to all!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Grassroots Action: One HWFC member-owner individual, family, and employee at a time …we can reach every HWFC member-owner if we ALL work it.
Build Capacity: If everybody does their little bit (or a bigger bit if they can), we build our capacity day-by-day.
Have faith: It simply works! And sing! It always helps! Thank you Mom, for your beautiful, sweet voice & you and Dad teaching your two kids to love music. Merry Christmas to you both! We miss you, especially tonight.
You are the PR: Be factual, be calm, don’t attack anyone personally, and please do be impassioned about saving our member-owned, locally-owned & controlled co-operative!

This is co-operative, at rest!


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