Let’s keep this conversation going

I was gratified to see the membership vote en mass last night, and according to the TU, over 50 percent voted to remove all but 2 board members. We should absolutely hold this Board to the highest standards, continuing to ask challenging questions (such as how much is spent on attorney fees?). I certainly wish the new Board had seen fit to send a little email to 12,000 shareholders updating us. Instead we have to read our news in the TU. Lets keep talking. This is only the beginning.

Jules Harrell


7 thoughts on “Let’s keep this conversation going

  1. snowbird109

    It was my understanding that since this SMM was called for & run by, the petitioners group & that no assistance was wanted / needed from the any board member or staff member – that announcing the results of the meeting was the responsibility of the petitioners group. Did the group have a plan to announce the results?


  2. We have to read about it in the paper? As a HWFC member I think it’s a sign that it’s still “business as usual” that the election of three new board members was not worthy of an official email to members……


  3. Ned Depew

    Friends –
    the Board is publishing an edition of the Inside Scoop today. As our responsibility for fairness and accuracy requires, we allow all the Board members to review, edit and comment on the Scoop before it is sent out. The T-U is under no such restraint.

    Obrien quotes Paula Weiss as at least a partial source for their results. Perhaps, as a poster indicates above, the Petitoners’ Group – who had responsibility for the conduct of the meeting – also has primary responsibility for getting the results out in a timely fashion? Which they did via the T-U?


  4. Tim O’Brien emailed me yesterday, asking about voting results. Together with the rest of the petition group a general statement was put together, based on what we knew for sure at that point. I sent that statement to Tim and also made sure the info went out on the CCCC group and the FB page (Let’s Talk). I might have missed putting it out on this site. If so, sorry. As I’m sure you realize it’s been quite a challenge for us to get information out to members all along.
    We were not in official possession of the actual figures until the GRC was ready to release them.

    this is the statement I sent to Tim O’Brien yesterday at 1 PM:
    Here’s our statement for now:
    Unofficial returns indicate that Bill Frye, former president of the board of HWFC, was removed from the board with well over the 75% required by state law for removal. Dennis, Coto-Batres, Hartmark and Kuchera remain on the board even though more than 50% voted to remove each of them. The vote count for three new board members will be completed this evening.


    1. Thank you for your hard work Paula. This has been an unusual event in the history of Honest Weight and I am grateful for the many folks who organized and are working on behalf of the Membership. Thank you! Jules


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