Current status and action request

Submitted by Rebecca Tell

I know everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for election results.  We don’t have all the results back yet.  The vote counting was stopped by the GRC last night because an all-nighter wasn’t practical.  It was resumed at 5:30pm today.  Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Bill Frye was removed from the board, but the other seated board members were not.  Well over 50% voted to remove Deb Dennis, Leif Hartmark, Roman Kuchera, and Rossana Coto-Batres, but they did not reach the 75% threshold required for removal.

The three empty seats will be filled by Kate Doyle, Carolynn Presser, and Nate Horwitz.  Congratulations and many many thanks to them.  They will need our ongoing support.

Next up: a meeting has been scheduled between coop representatives and someone from the Department of Labor.  Some reports have said that the meeting will  take place this week.  But nobody I’ve managed to talk to knows when exactly it is, despite some attempts to find out.  And this worries me.  Common sense would indicate that the new board should get a chance to talk to each other about how they will handle that meeting before it goes forward.  But common sense would also have called for getting the full board’s approval before the original letter was hand-couriered to DOL, and we know that didn’t happen.

As it stands, the people planned to represent the coop at that meeting are attorneys John Vero and Joan Marie Dowling, and GRC member Ursula Abrams.

If you would like to ask questions or voice concerns about that plan, it might be a good time to contact the board.  You can find contact info here:


6 thoughts on “Current status and action request

  1. Shauna

    Since we have two newly elected board members who also happen to be attorneys, wouldn’t it make sense to have them represent the coop at this meeting?


  2. Ron

    I think Kuchera, Dennis, and Hartmark should immediately resign after this resounding vote of no confidence. Feel sorry for Bill. At least he, among these four, was honest and straightforward.

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  3. Susan Longtin

    I agree with Ron because, even though we didn’t get the 75%, we still showed “no confidence” in their reign. And, Yes, have our new Board members at this meeting. Nate, too.


  4. Tim

    It’s also important to remember that on the issue of keeping member workers, we voted 87% to 13%… more than anything else, that’s a resounding refusal of the board’s current direction. On that basis, their moves should be to back us out of the current danger as carefully as possible, and postponing this meeting so that the new board can find consensus would be wise.


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