We are not at war

Submitted by Lorre Smith
I’d just like to ask again that we refrain as much as possible from “war” rhetoric as we go through this process.  Trying to depict what we are doing as “war” implies that we shouldn’t be doing it.  War is a horrible degrading devastating and savage human activity.
We are using  highly conscious human democratic processes to resolve our disagreements and so far we are all obeying a very civilized set of rules to the best of our abilities given the urgency of the situation. This is not even a vague resemblance to war. A little harsh speech, some missteps, perhaps some knee jerk reactions, these are going to happen when people feel strongly. We most definitely SHOULD BE DOING THIS process so that our disagreements aren’t brushed under the rug.  Our cooperative organizational structure requires it as we continue our dialogue between all the divisions of our Honest Weight business.
Best wishes to everyone as we approach our balloting!!!
Lorre ( a 20-year member and still in love with our messy, democratic cooperative)

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