Serio Candidate Statement

At board member John Serio’s request, here is a revised version of his candidate statement:

HW Candidate Statement


7 thoughts on “Serio Candidate Statement

  1. Ron

    Hmm, so the “possibility” of the member worker programme being illegal though there was no legal precedent for its illegality was enough to make all of the Board but two, one who voted no, one who abstained, eliminate a programme that had been in place for decades? The NCGA, CDS Consulting, or UNFI had no impact? One Board member, by the way, told me the Board accepted some of the advice of these groups but not all of it.

    How much do we, a business in some financial jeopardy apparently, pay all these organisations, their advisors, and other advisors? I assume democracy has nothing to fear from transparency.

    Personally, I read a lot of corporate speak here. What members need to decide is whether they want increasing corporatisation and decreasing cooperativism and diminishing democracy. I wish you had been more straight forward in your promotion of corporatism.

    Question: haven’t the by-laws changed over the years? Doesn’t CDS Consulting urge their “branch” “coops” to rewrite rather than revise by-laws?


  2. kris

    Why would you hand carry a letter to NYSDOL?

    The labor laws are Federal. Labor protections extend to volunteer fireman and cooperative workers too. There is nothing new here – people can volunteer to pick up garbage in the City Parks and work in the hospital as a candy striper. The candy striper will get a discount at the hospital lunch room – hospitals are NFP’s and the HW coop is an NFP dedicated to better food – both give their unpaid staff a benefit/employee discount.

    United States Department of Labor – USDOL. Look it up people.

    And Boy! I hope I spelled “striper” correctly –


  3. kris

    This is a cut from USDOL info The Fair Labor Standards Act :

    (FLSA) defines employment very broadly, i.e., “to suffer or permit to work.” However, the Supreme Court has made it clear that the FLSA was not intended “to stamp all persons as employees who without any express or implied compensation agreement might work for their own advantage on the premises of another.” In administering the FLSA, the Department of Labor follows this judicial guidance in the case of individuals serving as unpaid volunteers in various community services. Individuals who volunteer or donate their services, usually on a part-time basis, for public service, religious or humanitarian objectives, not as employees and without contemplation of pay, are not considered employees of the religious, charitable or similar non-profit organizations that receive their service.

    Im sure you did not dissolve your NFP —- why would you? The food coop is humanitarian in nature because at it’s inception – the founders were attempting to bring quality food to people at a reasonable affordable price – Is that not the case now?


  4. Ron

    Isn’t the rub here what defines “community service”, “public service” “religious or humanitarian objectives”? Isn’t this open to legal interpretation?


  5. Ron

    I am not absolutely sure whether we are a for profit. That is what someone told me. Others know much better than I do whether we are a non-profit.

    If we aren’t a non-profit does that make our member labour programme problematic relative to FLSA I wonder?


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