New petition group website

Submitted by Rebecca Tell

The petition group has their own site now!

This may be confusing if you have been thinking of this infohub site as belonging to the petition group, which many have thought was the case.  But the infohub has always been independent and open to submissions from anyone in the coop community.  It has been extensively used by the petition group, and that was in fact one of the reasons for its creation, but this site is not owned and operated by the petition group, as the new one is.

And yes, I’ve been wearing an orange shirt at the Meet the Candidates events!  I am honored to have been invited to join together with the petition group candidates in what has informally been called the “Let’s Chat Party.”  I am very glad to be working together with them.  But this site is still its own thing, and so it makes sense to me that they wanted a site that was their own.  Go check it out!


5 thoughts on “New petition group website

  1. Judy Felsten

    Yes, this is unbelievably confusing. So is the plethora of candidates and so is the rush to vote. Why no time for learning who these people are? (Don’t cite a week of meet the candidates events. There should be several weeks’ time to consider the statements and sort out one’s thoughts.)
    Why is there no ballot to fire the consultants? Why are current Board members both up for election and for votes of confidence? I call that double jeopardy.

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    1. Colleen Putnam

      Judy – I’ve felt the same and much more. I think it’s a sad tragedy and an insult to the true nature of fairness, justice and American democracy.


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