Food for Thought

Submitted by Ned Depew

Friends –

Came across this long but very thoughtful and informative article about the very successful evolution of the co-operative movement in Italy. It is worth reading in its entirety here: I suggest that it is germane to what is happening here, but leave it to others to decide for themselves.

One particularly trenchant and applicable pull-out, the final paragraph of the piece, reads:
” What Emilia-Romagna shows is that people may not always be able to choose their leaders, but they can never avoid choosing their political culture. People either opt for solidarity and participation or they choose indifference and clientism. The left here must stop counting its failures like rosary beads and grasp the possibilities of the present. We see where mass political disorganization leads — to the South Bronx — and where solidarity and mass political organization can lead — to Bologna”


Ned Depew


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