From a former member

Submitted by Leslie Carey, former member owner

As a member for 25 years, I was appalled to observe the changes in culture that occurred since moving to the new store, culminating in the hiring of a store manager whose most significant work experience was at Price Chopper.  Golub’s culture clashes with our goals at the HWFC.  To me, this foreshadowed all that is happening now, and represents the trend that both the Board and the Leadership Team have been striving for.
I was a 24% working member on and off over the years, but consistently so for the past several years.  I loved that place!  But my husband and I are no longer members.  We requested a refund on our shares.

I am heartened by the responses to what these people are doing, and will follow these efforts with great interest.

Leslie Carey


One thought on “From a former member

  1. Sue Longtin

    What you say is right. However, the Co-op has always been split between those that want more “store” and those that want more “Co-op.” It has gotten much worse in the last couple years. By the way, I am one of those people who want more Co-op. I believe in member workers and I believe in a Board that is more “Co-coordinating Council” and less board. Don’t get out yet.

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