Posted by Laura Hagen, HWFC Member-Owner


Here are today’s Grassroots-Grows-Capacity Action Steps:


DATE: Monday, November 30, 2015
TIME: 4:30-6:00pm (Meet the Candidates) & 6:00-9:00pm (Meeting)
PLACE: St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church
440 Whitehall Road
Albany, NY
CALLED FOR: By member-owner petitioners
Here is the Official Announcement.

2. Petitioning at HWFC: There are problems being encountered at HWFC today with us speaking to (petitioning) fellow member-owners.

Recent History: on November 3, 2015, the board passed a new petitioning policy, at my request, since there wasn’t one in writing.  Management (the Leadership Team or LT) took this new policy and interpreted it such that member-owners must make a written request to Lily Bartels (Communications Director and LT member) or Morgaen Hansen (Owner Services Coordinator) three days in advance, in order to exercise their right to speak to (petition) fellow member-owners at HWFC.  See here for Committees of Correspondence Broadside and past difficulties with communication:

We followed this new policy, reserving the area by Juice & Java at HWFC for today at 4PM.

This morning, we were declined the right to petition at 4PM, inside at our table by Juice & Java.  We were told the area had been given to a different group (I do not know to whom).

An initial suggestion from HWFC management was to stand outside.  The temperature today is 37 degrees.  Some of us are senior citizens.

It is three days before Thanksgiving.  At the moment, I am simply feeling thankful that it is not 27 degrees and that I own long underwear, because I am scheduled to petition at HWFC this afternoon & tonight on behalf of the member-owners of HWFC.

UPDATE: As of this moment, I think we are being provided with a table in the Teaching Kitchen, way “in the  back of the bus” of our co-op.  Rosa Parks would be in solidarity.

If there are more updates I will post later today.

Please call or email Paula Weiss ( or call 859-6076) if you  can table at HWFC this week. Please leave your name & phone number.

UPDATE AS OF 4PM TODAY: Morgaen Hansen (HWFC’s Owner Services Co-ordinator) & one other person have a table set up next to the Juice & Java area. I do not know in what capacity Morgaen is there, nor the purpose for the table set-up.

(Morgaen is one of the two staff we Member-Owners have to contact, in writing, three days in advance in order to make an appointment to set up a table to speak to (petition) fellow member-Owners.)

We followed the new petitioning policy; did it in writing; got approval…

…only to show up and have the space usurped…

…by the very person we got permission from.

Do you see what we’re up against?

UPDATE: after 4pm: I was incorrect, we member-owner petitioner’s have been given space by management located in the Practicioner’s Room, just opposite the bathrooms.

We will also have people outside, near the front entrance of HWFC, by the picnic table.  Please bring hot tea or hot cider!  And thank you!

3. For your information, here is the board’s brand  new written policy on petitioning, in its entirety, as passed on November 3, 2015:

In recognition of the right of members to offer petitions pursuant to the Bylaws and to express issues of concern to members, the board will allow petitioning and leafleting on store premises subject to regulation of the times and location of such activity. The Co-op management shall make every reasonable accommodation to provide a room or location in the store or outside.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Grassroots Action: One HWFC member-owner individual, family, and employee at a time …we can reach every HWFC member-owner if we ALL work it
Build Capacity: If everybody does their little bit (or a bigger bit if they can), we build our capacity day-by-day
Have faith: It simply works!
YOU are the PR: Be factual, be calm, don’t attack anyone personally, and please do be impassioned about saving our member-owned, locally-owned & controlled co-operative!

This is co-operative, in action!