Urgent Action Today – quick and simple

We have to re-do our petition.  The petition team was prepared.  They found this out last night and this morning at 8am folks will be out there collecting signatures for the new one.  Please stop by and sign it today, or download it here and collect signatures!  Petition 11 11 2015

Dear Honest Weight Food Co-op Member-Owners,

The Member-Owners of the Honest Weight Food Co-op (HWFC) – who have successfully petitioned for an emergency Special Membership Meeting (SMM) – have petitions ready NOW to help expedite the process of getting approval from the Governance Review Council (GRC) for a Notice of the Special Membership Meeting to be mailed out to the Membership. There are time constraints to the scheduling of the SMM, and we would prefer not to disrupt our Member-Owners’ holiday plans.

Please look for Member-Owners collecting petition signatures on the public sidewalk outside Honest Weight Food Co-op, or inside the store. We will be there from 8am to as long as it takes to gets 5% of the Member-Owners to sign these petitions.

We will also have Member-Owners collecting signatures at Uncommon Grounds at 1235 Western Ave. from 10am-1pm.

We welcome anyone who wants to help us collect signatures! We have attached the Petitions here for each of you to sign — and gather signatures, if you are willing.

Petition 11 11 2015

Please return these signed petitions to Chris Colarusso at 51 Eileen Street, Albany, NY 12203 (Eileen St. is between Western and Washington) ASAP.

Changes to the decision-making authority of the Member-Owners are well underway and will affect Member labor and the future of HWFC as a member-owned and operated cooperative unless we take action. The Special Membership Meeting was called for by Member-Owners to address these concerns.

Although the Board reversed its decision to end member labor on the floor and administration by January 1, 2016, there is no guarantee that the Board will not attempt to make a similar decision at another time. We urge you to stay informed and aware of new proposals and actions by the Board.

PLEASE read Member-Owner and attorney, Kate Doyle’s, Critical Legal Information for a clear, concise explanation of Member-Owners’ rights in a cooperative corporation.

Please visit the HWFC Info Hub for information, updates, and opinions from our Co-op community. Thank you for your support.


The Honest Weight Food Co-op Member-Owner Petitioners


5 thoughts on “Urgent Action Today – quick and simple

  1. Colleen

    If you will permit me…while I truly appreciate all of the hard work and passion that has gone into raising awareness of these issues, I am not in agreement with, and therefore will not be signing, this Petition. I am a member-worker. I LOVE my time at HWFC and all of the ideals upon which it stands. I’ve been to MANY meetings and info sessions. I’ve listened to all sides. I’ve also previously stated that I believe this move to oust and replace the board members is unwise. My reasons:

    1. We are a business. Right now it appears that HWFC is experiencing an adjustment period with various business decisions that have led to a bit of instability that is being felt throughout the organization. Publicly removing the Board of Directors is very likely to create additional organizational chaos.

    2. Over the last month, all of the Board Members have received the message of discontent loud and clear. They admitted that they moved too hastily by ending the in-store worker-members part of the program. On many occasions, many have stated that they WANT it to continue. Why can we not work WITH them to figure out this obvious gray area of law?

    3. Many of you will say that you do not trust them. Are they not your fellow co-opers? Did they not VOLUNTEER to put the time into HWFC by serving on the Board? Do they have an evil plan to become the rulers of this comparatively puny grocery store in upstate NY? They are people — moms, dads, husbands, wives, sons or daughters — just like me and you.

    4. Have you ever made a mistake? I have – many of them. I also know forgiveness.

    5. New board members elected on the same night? That’s not my kind of democracy. Who are these candidates? How much time and notice has been given to recruit a sizable variety of candidates. Will I have time to question them? As I did at the last election to help me make my decisions? Quite frankly, I do not want a group of people that all think the same. Critical questions and opposing views are healthy!

    Finally, If this goes through and decent people are given what amounts to be a public flogging and are immediately replaced in coup-like fashion, I’m not sure I want to belong anymore. This saddens me greatly. And….there should be nothing “quick and simple” about it.

    8 yr. owner
    current member-worker


  2. Gene Reilly

    Signing this petition and holding the resultant Special Memebership Meeting does NOT remove any members of the Board. All it does is give the membership the opportunity to vote for or against removal of each member. Removal of a Board member requires at least 75% of the voting members in attendance.


    1. Colleen


      I realize what you are saying. I’m not signing because I do not agree with the whole process as expressed in my reply above. I believe there is a better way to handle this, for all involved and for the co-op itself. I’ll attend and cast my votes if need be. Thank you for responding.



      1. What those who are trying to recall the Board and perhaps have the new Board fire the LT is real democracy. Honest Weight Food Corporation is an oligarchic republic just like the US. It does not practise consensus in the historical Quaker practise of that term. Personally, I am not interested in oligarchy, particularly an oligarchy that caused a million dollar overrun on the building, an oligarchy that promised utopia in the form of meat, an oligarchy that hides behind secrecy, an oligarchy that censors posts and media organs in the name of good public relations, an oligarchy that issues mandates and diktats, or an oligarchy that really isn’t experienced in running a business of our present size.


  3. Colleen


    Nice meeting you today! You have an interesting take on these events, including your thoughts on your blog. In a macro-sense, one might say that all the world is an oligarchy. Those with the means, rule. Do I like it? Heck, no! Yet, here we are.

    There is no perfect government, nor co-op. I’m thankful that my government and my co-op have checks and balances in place to run as democratically as possible, warts and all. In fact, I’m so very grateful for the Petition Group (don’t know what other name they have or go by), has stood up and gathered the displeased voices about the MLP. But, as I’ve stated, I don’t think it’s wise to take their approach regarding the board members.

    I would much rather sit, talk, shout (if you must) to right the ship. They’re not bad people. Many have personally told me their views and feelings about the MLP and the Co-op as a democratic, social-leaning entity. I guess I believe in diplomacy and I’m trying to look at the larger and longer-term picture of HWFC.

    Plus, a small (5%) and non-representative group of the whole may be justified through the bylaws, but how democratic is that? Dare I say, oligarchy-ish?



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