Petitioning Today 11/12/15

Hi, all,

Gene and I petitioned and left at 3:45, and Chris Colarusso was the only one left, and she had to leave at 4. We do not know if anyone is there now, so if anyone can get over there to help now or this evening, there is a table by the rest rooms.  Please bring all sheets of the blank petition, and also some of the sheets with the to give to people.
Most member worker owners were pretty responsive. Some thought since they signed the first petition, they did not need to sign this one. We had to explain that the GRC found the 1st petition insufficient and had to explain to everyone why there were 8 separate sheets to sign, one for each board member because the GRC said we needed to delineate our concerns/charges for EACH board member. Many people on the Google group specifically stopped at the co-op today to sign the petition, so that group is working well 🙂
Some thought that by signing the petition, they were calling for the immediate removal of the board members, and we had to set them straight and explain that this petition was to get the SMM scheduled and that, at that meeting, members could vote whether they wanted to remove any, all, or none. We stressed how important it would be for as many members as possible to be at that meeting to exercise their voting rights.
We gave everyone who signed a little sheet with the
Site on it and thanked them and told them to keep an eye out for the meeting notice.
Tom Spargo took our picture, too.
Maria S.

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