Coop Community concerns: Let’s practice love and logic.

Submitted by Carol Ostrow, member owner

I am concerned about the apparent lack of logic associated with recent developments, the incendiary nature of some snap decisions, and the possible flaws of putting ego before justice–not to mention what a P.R. disaster this is. The co-op could use an internal cleansing. We should strive to create leadership that doesn’t automatically uphold or hide behind previous outdated or unfeasible decisions. We need to transcend politics, and we ought to be able to cast our votes before the board elects to spend tens of thousands of dollars on trendy initiatives and outside consultants without our knowledge and consent.

In sum, we are not and should not try to be a corporate replica. We must put our energy into healing the co-op from the inside out, circle our own wagon, and cease to worry about our external appearance and competition. Not every insight or task will fall neatly into a committee or department at this point; gentle system-wide reorganization is a first step towards letting go of what doesn’t work—gradual wherever possible, more quickly if and when crisis-based. Pulling off band-aids can sting, but you’ve got to change the dressing sometimes for the wound to heal.

When we get our own ducks in a row and achieve a demonstrable level of inner peace as a group, others will be attracted to our community just as we ourselves are, if not for identical reasons, then purely for the strong experiential benefits of shopping in a holistic and human atmosphere. There is simply no other place like it—that is one of our many strengths.

We can comply with the law without being afraid of pushing the envelope. We have such a wealth of talent within; I dream of a co-op community that practices a higher level of self-sustenance–through a more cogent internal use of professional skills as well as trade, barter, service, and a pay-it-forward, trust the universe approach.

I am deeply committed to realizing our community’s common goal. I want members to understand their strong feelings, what aspects of co-op operations trigger them, and learn to handle & transcend their passion productively and wisely. Thank you for letting me be here.


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